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Lead like a Wildcat ~ Be Proactive ~ Begin With The End In Mind ~ Put First Things First ~ Think Win-Win ~ Seek First To Understand Then To Be Understood ~ Synergize ~ Sharpen The Saw ~ Find Your Voice~
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WILDCAT of the Month
Each month a student, parent, or teacher who exemplifies the WILDCATS character traits will be spotlighted!
WILDCATS are Wise, Innovative Leaders who are Disciplined, Cooperative, Accountable, Trustworthy and Strong.

January 2020

  • Katie Otteson

    Mrs.Otteson is an example of all of the Wildcat traits. She is Accountable, as she is always there to help anyone in need. She is Innovative and always has the best ideas to solve any problem. Her happiness and smile are contagious. She loves all Wildcats and she goes above and beyond to show it daily! This is why Mrs. Otteson should be Wildcat of the month.