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Mrs. Rebecca Volle
I have lived in Las Vegas for the majority of my life, which has allowed me to see our city grow. As a child here, we tried not to smile when the wind was blowing to avoid getting a mouth full of sand. In other words, there wasn't much here besides a few buildings and desert.

I have always loved teaching and have had a variety of experiences in the teaching field. These experiences include teaching in the home setting, (as the mother of 7 children); at church, working with both adults and children of all ages; in a post-secondary setting teaching Interior Design; working as a virtual teacher for 8th grade Algebra and 7th grade Pre-Algebra in an online charter school, 6th grade Math here at Somerset last year.

My qualifications include a Masters of Arts Teaching Degree from Western Governors University as well as certification as Highly Qualified to teach Middle School Math. I have completed a graduate level course at UNLV to obtain my Orff-Schulwerk (Music Pedagogy) Level I Certification.

I also have an extensive background in music. My experiences include leading choirs of all ages, teaching music to children, playing and teaching piano and university level organ studies.

I am very excited to share my love of music with our Elementary students.

My teaching and life philosophy:

I believe that there is no limit to what a person can accomplish with effort. I strive to make my classroom a safe and supportive learning environment. I love the quote: "The best way to predict your future is to create it," [Stephen Covey].

When I am not teaching, I enjoy doing activities with my family. My husband and I also like to travel, especially to locations where we can participate in our favorite sport, scuba diving.