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Lead like a Wildcat ~ Be Proactive ~ Begin With The End In Mind ~ Put First Things First ~ Think Win-Win ~ Seek First To Understand Then To Be Understood ~ Synergize ~ Sharpen The Saw ~ Find Your Voice~
Mrs. Amy Jacobs
Mrs. Amy Jacobs
K-5 Spanish Specialist

Mrs. Jacobs loves being a wildcat at Somerset Lone Mountain! This will be her sixth year teaching at one of the Somerset campuses. She loves being a part of the Somerset family.

She began her study of Spanish in middle school and continued through high school. After high school, Mrs. Jacobs studied Spanish at Brigham Young University. She graduated from BYU with her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Education in 1992. Having the opportunity to live in Paraguay for 18 months and be immersed in the Spanish language and culture was an experience that she remembers with fondness.

After graduating from college, Mrs. Jacobs spent the next 20 years raising her 4 children and helping her husband manage his business. Her philosophy is “the more languages you learn, the broader your horizons will be.” Mrs. Jacobs believes that language learning should be fun in order to increase retention and engagement. She also believes that every student can be successful at learning a new language.

Mrs. Jacobs and her family have lived in Las Vegas for 18 years. She enjoys snow skiing, going on long walks, and watching movies with her family. She is a passionate BYU Cougar fan. She loves family, friends, food and football. She especially loves being a new Grandma!