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Good Neighbor Commitment

We are committed to being good neighbors by respecting our own property and the property of others.

Respecting our property means that Lone Mountain families will:
  • Keep our grounds clean and safe
  • Keep our building clean and safe
  • Drive cautiously and courteously while on the school property
  • Park only in designated spaces
  • Contribute to school improvements

Respecting the property of others means that Lone Mountain families will:

  • Contribute to the cleanliness of the surrounding areas by never littering
  • Follow all traffic laws and city ordinances
  • Park only in approved spaces, never blocking driveways or parking in business or church lots where permission has not been granted
  • Contribute to the beautification of the school and property so that it is something we all are proud of

We are good neighbors by establishing and maintaining a positive partnership with neighboring families and businesses where we support and respect each other at all times.

We are good neighbors by actively working together for the good of the community and by respectfully communicating concerns where solutions are determined quickly, calmly and together.

Thank you for making the Good Neighbor Commitment!