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Standard Student Attire is as follows:

Somerset logo must be visible at all times.
Shirts must be red, white, blue, or hunter with the official Somerset Academy logo.  Tops are available through https://www.alluniformwear.com/.  Shirts purchased through any other vendor are not within the Somerset Uniform Policy.

Sweaters and outerwear are permitted and must be official Somerset apparel or in solid school colors with no logos or print if worn inside the building.  The Somerset logo must be visible, therefore if the outerwear is not an official Somerset garment, the outerwear must be removed when entering the building or the outerwear must be left unbuttoned or unzipped to allow the underlying Somerset shirt with logo visible.

No printed hoodies or apparel are acceptable other than the approved Somerset Logo tops and spirit shirts (worn on Fridays).


Bottoms must be navy, khaki, or black.  Bottoms do not require a logo.  Bottoms include pants, shorts, skirts, and jumpers (modest length) and can be purchased at www.aimorders.com .  Bottoms can be purchased elsewhere however must meet the same criteria in fabric and color to be within the Somerset Uniform Policy. Leggings must be solid school colors, and worn under skirts and jumpers.

No denim, cargo pants, jeggings, sweatpants, yoga pants, or any other apparel that is not similar to the official Somerset uniform pant.


It is preferred that socks are in solid school colors, however, as long as the socks are not distracting and are free from logos and graphics, you may have some liberty with your sock selection. 

Hair and Accessories:

Hair must be in natural colors and worn in a natural fashion (no mohawks, spikes, or unnatural colors such as blue, green, purple or pink).
Hair accessories are permissible and it is preferred that they are in school colors.

Spirit Day Apparel

On the last day of each week, usually a Friday, a Lone Mountain spirit shirt and jeans is allowed.  Only approved school spirit shirts are permissible, otherwise standard student attire is required.  Jeans are allowed only when wearing a school spirit shirt, (not when wearing a uniform top).  Jeans must be free from frays, tears, or holes. 

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