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Volunteer Opportunities
Title: Eagle Projects Welcomed!
Location: Construction projects, Painting projects, Landscape projects, Summer Projects, etc!
Description: As a new school, we have many opportunities for Eagle Projects such as:
~Building PVC P.E. Equipment carts (Design provided)
~Building and installing library shelving
~Painting playground/blacktop
~Providing or constructing exterior concrete trash bin containers
~Creating and installing parking lot traffic signs

Please contact Mrs. Pendleton if you are interested in an Eagle Project at Somerset Academy or if you have your own idea of a project that you think will benefit the school community.
Thank you for your service!
Sherry Pendleton
Somerset Lone Mountain
(702) 478-8888 (temporary phone)
Contact Name: Sherry Pendleton
Contact Email: sherry.pendleton@somersetnv.org